Mask Treatment Bowl & Applicator


Knight Integrative Wellness

For the most luxurious mask treatment experience, we're introducing our signature Mask Treatment Bowl & Applicator Brush.

For a one of a kind bowl we've partnered up with a local pottery artist, in Berkeley, CA.

"My passion is in making functional pottery, that are used in everybody's everyday life. I wanted to create a unique bowl for Annmarie Skin Care, so that people can feel connected to this piece. Each time it will be used, it will be a ritual. An experience that they are completely a part of and embodied with. I used porcelain for clay to represent purity and strength. The bottom of each bowl is hand stained, which make the cream glaze react in a way that creates this special feature that is unique to each bowl. Every bowl is completely different from the next."  – Kiyomi Koide

Making products with intention is paramount at Annmarie Skin Care.  Kiyomi embodies this same philosophy and creates all of her bowls in a positive space. In her own words, "My ultimate goal in my wares is to bring joy and happiness, so I never swear in my studio. Even when accidents happen, I never do."

Each Mask Treatment Bowl is packaged in a gift box, finished off with attaching our Applicator Brush. Our signature Applicator Brush is made from vegan materials , and has a fan shape to allow for smooth and easy application of your treatment masks. 

This is the perfect addition to any of our powdered treatments, especially our Purifying Mud Mask.


Bowl and Brush Measurements:

Bowl (this will vary slightly between each bowl)
Just over 3" wide X 2" tall

6.75" long X .25" wide

1.25" long X just over 2" wide